The app can be used with headphones and without headphones.
When using headphones they should be of good quality that comfortably cover the outer ear.


Most of the headphones today are designed for music listening and therefore increase the bass, or the lower frequency range. This is not suggested for use with this app. The reason for this is that the mid and high frequencies of speech are very important for speech discrimination. We want to enhance the ability to hear and discriminate these frequencies, not drown them out with increased bass or increasing the lower frequency range. Therefore it is best to use headphones that reproduce sound as naturally as possible. This is done with a flat response or uncompressed headphones.

When to use headphones

It is strongly recommended to use headphones during the modulated music sessions. Not wearing headphones during these sessions will not allow for the intended stimulation necessary to create the desired change. Keep in mind however that proper volume is important. Volume should always be kept at a comfortable listening level. The volume should never be set at a loud or uncomfortable level. Playing music or sounds at loud levels can cause hearing loss.

Suggestions for headphones

  • Uncompressed or flat response such as:
  • Urban ears
  • Senhiezer hd 429
  • Akg K551