About TheListeningLab.com

TheListeningLab.com is the site that every parent of a child with APD has been waiting for! Shelley Francis founded TheListeningLab.com not only to help parents understand auditory processing disorder, but also to provide them with the tools required to help their children strengthen auditory processing weaknesses and reach their true potential.

TheListeningLab.com offers a daily listening diet complete with fun ways to solve learning challenges plus expert advice, community support and an entire educational database by way of articles written by an audiologist. We also strive to help adults overcome auditory processing weaknesses and to help children without APD excel in school through stronger listening and learning skills.

The Reason Behind TheListeningLab.com

After more than 20 years specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), the one question that I have heard most is, “What can I do at home?” This site is my answer to that question.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is that a daily listening diet is essential to helping children and their families overcome the challenges associated with auditory processing weaknesses. Children and adults with auditory processing weaknesses tend to struggle with a variety of auditory processing skills including auditory decoding, dichotic listening, auditory figure ground skills and overall listening attention. When it comes to improving these skills and making significant changes in the development of an already underdeveloped auditory system, a daily listening diet proves successful in almost all cases. Comprised of a variety of fun and engaging listening games and exercises, the daily listening diet from TheListeningLab.com is not intended to replace therapy, but rather to help feed the slow developing auditory system with the extra stimulation required to close the gap and strengthen the foundation for language and learning. Stronger listening leads to stronger learning, which is why I recommend a daily listening diet not only for children and adults with APD, but for all children, even those without any known auditory processing weaknesses.

Shelley Francis - Founder of TheListeningLab.com