The Benefit of Audio Books

Contrary to popular belief, listening to an audio book is not "cheating". The truth is that listening is just important a skill to learning as reading. In today’s society, we bombard children with visual stimulation. Computers, video games and television all expose children to a multitude of visual information. The problem is that children who rely on visual information early in their development tend to greatly under use the auditory system. A child with auditory processing weaknesses, relying heavily on visual cues, thus learns to compensate for his or her weaknesses, often leading to poor listening skills. Audio books provide a great way for children to improve listening skills, which can then in turn, strengthen auditory processing weaknesses.

There are two categories of books:

  • Eardon's Adventures
  • Classics From The Universe (provided by

Eardon's Adventures

Eardon's adventures are stories about a character named Eardon who lives on Planet Hearwell. Eardon has auditory processing disorder (APD) and therefore tends to be a "selective" listener. He often mishears things or has difficulty remembering instructions and as a result gets himself into tricky situations. It is with Eardon's ability to problem solve, and listen when he needs to, that he is able to get himself out of a jam and at times even be the hero. These stories are fun, engaging, and always include a good moral lesson. They provide insight for parents about how a child with APD may feel.

Classics from the universe (provided by

These are audio stories read by volunteers based on classic stories written long ago. Here you will find a small sample of short stories that are updated regularly in order to present new fresh listening opportunities. If you like these stories we invite you to listen to more of these literary works at