A Fun Way to Solve Learning Challenges!

TheListeningLab.com is the site that every parent of a child with APD has been waiting for. Our site is dedicated to helping parents understand auditory processing disorder and providing the tools necessary to help children achieve their potential. Discover the reasons why TheListeningLab.com is not only different than some of the most common treatments for auditory processing disorder and similar learning disabilities, but also the fun way to solve learning challenges through our daily “listening diet.”

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A Simple, Successful Philosophy

Auditory processing weaknesses often co-exist, or in some cases, are an underlying problem in learning and developmental delays. At TheListeningLab.com, we believe in a daily listening diet, which is a unique treatment philosophy best explained as a comparison to a child learning to swim with a life jacket and cement shoes.

Trying to treat the symptoms of auditory processing weaknesses without addressing the underlying cause is like throwing a life jacket to your child without ever removing the cement shoes. You can continue fitting your child into a new life jacket each year but you will never reach the ultimate goal of your child swimming on his or her own. The daily listening diet from TheListeningLab.com is like chipping away at those cement shoes, eventually allowing your child to swim on his or her own.

At TheListeningLab.com, our goal is to help both children and adults strengthen auditory processing weaknesses and close the gap between listening and learning. Our daily listening diet is a good place to start.

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Top Three Reasons to Join TheListeningLab.com

  1. Affordable: Parents of children with APD often undergo a burden of expenses quite often uncovered by insurance, or not provided for in school. TheListeningLab.com provides affordable listening exercises and games designed to supplement therapies and services that a child may already be receiving in order to further their auditory growth and help close the gap between listening and learning.
  2. Informative:TheListeningLab.com provides information by way of articles, links and forums to educate and inform parents about auditory processing disorder and other related topics.
  3. Empowering: One of the goals of TheListeningLab.com is to empower parents to understand APD and learn what they can do at home to help their children succeed and reach their true potential.

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Additional Reasons for Choosing TheListeningLab.com

  • Safe, effective sound exercises. A daily “listening diet” is essential to improving auditory processing skills and eventually, closing the gap between language and learning. Listening exercises from TheListeningLab.com as well as other available programs, offer fun and motivating ways for children to grow and develop the auditory skills necessary to improve overall listening.
  • TheListeningLab.com programs have been proven successful for children with ADD, ADHD, Autism (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia and other types of learning disabilities. Learn how Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) affects these and other developmental delays.
  • Find help for both children and adults.Although most of TheListeningLab.com is geared toward children, we do offer daily listening exercises, information and community forums directed at helping adults.
  • Ability to connect to and share with a community of people with similar experiences. Through the use of our private Facebook group, parents can communicate with other parents and share their experiences. Together, parents can help other parents by sharing their triumphs and gains. The private Facebook page also offers members a place to post questions and receive guidance and information on different topics surrounding APD.
  • Gain expert advice from Shelley Francis, audiologist, and other parents through our interactive teleseminars. one on one coaching calls, and our small group programs. Shelley's philosophy is about understanding and balancing the whole child, as well as providing tools and expert advice.

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