Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a complex problem that brings parents many questions and concerns. The APD Handbook from aims to educate parents on the topic of auditory processing disorder, empowering them to offer help at home. The APD Handbook is every parent’s resource for auditory processing disorder and other related issues and disorders.

According to research, auditory processing weaknesses can serve as just a small part of learning problems including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), dyslexia, apraxia and Autism as well as social, sensory processing, speech and language, reading and articulation problems. The daily listening diet from aims to not only help children strengthen auditory processing weaknesses, but also help improve a host of learning problems and developmental delays.

Auditory training with an emphasis in the area of auditory processing is recommended to address auditory processing weaknesses, deficits or delays. Discover the benefits of a structured educational environment and learn how a daily listening diet can help strengthen auditory processing weaknesses and improve a host of learning disabilities.