APD as a Piece of the Puzzle

Auditory processing weaknesses are often the cause of, contribute to, or simply coexist with many different types of learning problems and developmental disorders. A healthy developing auditory processing system is essential to the development of good listening skills. Accordingly, it is easy to understand how poor listening skills can be so closely linked to problems such as speech, language and learning delays, attention deficit, autism spectrum disorder, reading problems including dyslexia and other sensory processing deficits.

Daily Listening Diet

TheListeningLab.com considers auditory processing weaknesses as a piece of the puzzle that causes learning problems and other developmental delays. In some cases, auditory processing weaknesses can be a small piece of the puzzle and in others it can be a larger piece. Sometimes, auditory processing weakness can even be the root cause. By strengthening auditory processing skills through a daily listening diet, we can improve not only listening skills but also learning, language, attention, reading and social skills.