What Is The Listening Lab?

A Fun Way to Solve Learning Challenges!

According to extensive research in neuroplasticity, we can retrain the brain and improve the way it processes information. The Listening Lab offers a daily "listening diet" that is shown to build auditory processing skills, offering fun ways to solve learning challenges that can close the gap to help children improve their auditory processing skills. Our goal is to not only help children and adults strengthen auditory processing weaknesses, but also to give children without auditory processing disorder (APD) a learning boost through stronger listening skills.

Why Become A Member?

It's Affordable, Informative and Empowering

Parents of children with auditory processing disorder (APD) often undergo a burden of expenses quite often uncovered by insurance, or not provided for in school. The Listening Lab provides affordable listening exercises and games designed to supplement therapies and services that a child may already be receiving. The Listening Lab also provides informative articles, links and forums to educate and inform parents about auditory processing disorder and other related topics. Finally, The Listening Lab is empowering to parents looking to understand APD and learn what they can do at home to help their children succeed and reach their true potential. Through one on one calls, as well as group calls and private chats, parents get their questions answered and learn which programs are best suited for their child's unique situation.

APD Handbook

The Listening Lab features an APD Handbook designed to educate parents on the topic of auditory processing disorder. The APD Handbook offers all the latest research on auditory processing disorder, all in one place! Learn everything you need to know about APD and how to help your child overcome auditory processing weaknesses and other related disorders.

Community Support

Our goal at the listening lab is to promote a positive, supportive, and meaningful place to exchange information and ideas with our community. Through monthly tele-seminars, parents and individuals will have a chance to support each other, share information, and ask Shelley Francis specific questions they may have pertaining to APD as well as any questions they may have about Planet Hearwell, or the printable training cards and listening games.

Planet Hearwell

Planet Hearwell is a series of fun and interactive apps that feature games, modulated music and stories shown to strengthen auditory processing weaknesses. Each activity on Planet Hearwell helps improve specific auditory processing skills such as auditory decoding, sound pattern recognition, phonemic blending, auditory memory, auditory sequencing, auditory organization and more.

Understanding APD: Your Child Is Not Broken!

After receiving a diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorder for their child, many parents spend hours on the computer researching the term and seeking answers, only to walk away feeling more confused, frustrated, and sometimes even more concerned. It was not that long ago that it was difficult to find any information at all on the subject. Now there seems to be quite a bit of information out there, however, much of it is confusing, contradicting, and can leave a parent feeling very overwhelmed.